Super Effective Way to Make Indian Gooseberry Based Hair Mask

Hair loss is somewhat inevitable for some people. However, getting stressed out because of this will not do any good. Instead of spending a thousand bucks on expensive commercial hair products on the market, look for remedies right from your kitchen or garden. You’ll be surprised that your kitchen has tons of natural ingredients that are useful for your hair loss.

We talk about Amla, or Indian Gooseberry, one of the marvelous items on earth. For years, Indian Gooseberry has been used by folks to treat their hair, including hair loss. The application of hair mask is very easy. You just need to mix amla with other natural ingredients and massage your hair gently. Leave it as a mask for few minutes, then rinse it with water and you are good to go.

From one household to another, folks have their own home remedy recipes which include Indian gooseberry as the main ingredient. But when it comes to hair mask for overcoming hair loss, there is no better than the formula that we are about to share.

Keep in mind that the size and volume of the hair of each individual are different. So you may measure each ingredient by your sense.

Formula 1

What You Need to Prepare
Indian gooseberry pulp
Lemon juice

What You Need to Do
Mix amla pulp or Indian gooseberry and lemon juice in a bowl (the proportion should be 1:1)
Apply the mixture directly to scalp and massage your head gently.
You could leave it for hours before rinsing and shampoo hair, or leave it overnight.
Wear shower cap if you leave it overnight
In the morning, rinse and shampoo hair
Repeat the process regularly until viewing significant result

Formula 2

What You Need to prepare
A cup of coconut oil
Dried Indian gooseberry pieces

What You Need to do
Heat the coconut oil for over 4 minutes
Add dried Indian gooseberry or amla pieces
Let it boiled until dark
Leave the mixture until cold
Apply to scalp and massage gently
Repeat the process regularly for significant results.

Indian Gooseberry or Amla is an Ayurvedic remedy which naturally and effectively prevents hair loss. Not to mention that this Ayurvedic method has been admitted by many health institutions around the world. Many doctors even recommend the application of amla for hair treatment complementary. So if you have been enough with expensive hair treatment which ends up in disappointment, then using the formulas above will save you a lot of bucks and troubles.



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