How to Cure Your Acne Naturally with Apple Cider Vinegar

Many people have been changing over to natural home remedies in order to avoid expenses on their treatments. For instance, folks with acne problem are enough with expensive skin products to cure acne. Besides, there is an increasing awareness among the community to be fond of natural treatments.

Of course, it is a bad news for most commercial manufacturers. But they can’t control numerous natural home remedies since most of them are available in our kitchen. Indeed!

When it comes to acne condition, Apple cider vinegar is one of the top recommended natural home remedies for acne. You have probably heard about this somewhere. Does it really work? How does it work? This article will answer it for you.

Apple cider vinegar contains acids which are taken directly from apples. These acids are useful to dissolve oil and sebum that clogs the pore.  Not only that, it will also rejuvenate the skin. It is the important factor which not all remedies have. Existing for decades, Apple cider vinegar has been actually used for curing other health conditions such as flu, fatigue, infections, asthma, sore throats, weight loss, and much more.

To use Apple cider vinegar for acne, you just need to follow these simple steps.

  1. Prepare a bowl of water
  2. Dilute few portion of apple cider vinegar with the water
  3. Use cotton cloth to absorb the water
  4. Apply it to the affected area
  5. Leave it about 15 minutes
  6. Rinse it thoroughly with warm water
  7. Use soft clean towel to pat dry
  8. Do this on daily basis ( 3 times per day )

Actually, it is only one of few ways to use apple cider vinegar. You can also consume apple cider vinegar for internal treatment. It is very easy to conduct it. First of all, mix a glass of water with few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. And drink it in every morning on daily basis. This is actually a preventative measure. In case you have seen the severity level in your acne condition, you can increase the regularity.

Taking apple cider vinegar will help you to prevent acne breakouts, cure inflammations, reduce infection, and rejuvenate your skin.

Since it is a home remedy, you don’t need to worry about side effects, since there isn’t any. The only catch is that you might not like the taste.

If you notice few pimples on your face, then you need more dosages of the apple cider vinegar. Mix one part of apple cider vinegar with three parts of pure water. Absorb it with cloth and dab it onto the affected area. Leave it for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Apple cider vinegar for acne is totally fine except few reports shown stypsis on sensitive skins. You may want to try a lower dosage of the vinegar and gradually increase the dosage as the topical solution.

Brook Meadows

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